Expertise In Business

My experience and expertise is in Hospitality, Tech and Service businesses

Creating the Right Conditions

Working with and through your people to create unique solutions for your business

Hospitality Sector

WithĀ over eight years of experience running a boutique hotel andĀ consulting with family-owned hotels, I bring a unique perspective to creatingĀ a culture of proactive participation and contribution.

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Tech Sector

Drawing from myĀ seven years of experience working in IT across the UK, Europe, and Australia, combined with developing my unique approach to creating transformative and innovative cultures.

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Services Sector

I bring a unique approach to the service sector that addresses the challenges of leading and managing this sector, focusing on human interaction, creativity, communication, and relationships.

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Our Service Deliverables

Services tailored to your requirements


CultureWork provides a robust framework for business leaders to thrive in their roles and foster organisational success through the development of powerful team structures.

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Platform Technology

Platform Technology providesĀ the paltform for business leaders to unleash their organisation's creative and innovative forces while keeping a firm grasp on the direction and speed of advancement.

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There is more to communication than what we say and how we say it - Understanding the building blocks of communication leads to mastery and the power to truly engage your team.

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