CultureWork - Building Teams from the Inside

Your People Hold The Key

Creating the conditions for success by giving your team the confidence and freedom to succeed.

Every organisation's success is the result of its culture, which results from all its conditions, people, and experiences. Like a cake, once baked, you can't change it. If you want a different culture to emerge in your organisation, you must start with the core ingredients, which start with people.

If you want to change your employees into an army that thinks on its feet, CultureWork is the perfect framework to achieve this.

An army is aligned with a clear and shared purpose and vision. Each individual understands these and knows they are expected to contribute their skills, passion, knowledge, information, and energy to achieve them.

Creating the culture of an army that thinks on its feet starts with clearly communicating the purpose and vision so that everyone in the team understands the challenges ahead and how they can contribute to the solution.

Once implemented, CultureWork becomes a transformative way of being designed to continue to be applied after the initial intervention by everyone involved. Every

CultureWork engagement is unique, creating bespoke solutions for each organisation. And because we work with and through your teams and teams of teams, there is a high return on capital invested.

Every CultureWork engagement starts with one team, proves itself, and is then repeated with the next team and the next. This minimises disruption to the entire business, quickly proves your unique bespoke solution, and can be rapidly rolled out to more teams.

To discover more about how CultureWork could support your business growth, book an Introduction Call with me.

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Where do we begin?

CultureWork is delivered through a series of workshops that are repeated team by team. This approach reduces resistance because the teams are establishing the conditions that will  deliver the required outcomes themselves.  We include training facilitators so that this work can become a viral transformative process that becomes self reliant and sustainable. The workshop offerings include:

1. One-Day Workshop: Establish Core Criteria – Senior Management team

  • Dive deep into the foundational aspects crucial for operational success.
  • Define Guiding Principles at the executive level.

2. One-Day Workshop: Developing a New Social Contract – HODs and Department Teams

  • Craft a comprehensive social contract to guide your team's interactions and commitments.
  • Define behavioural standards and expectations.

3. One-Day Workshop: Establish New Relationships and Structures of Communication - SMT & HODs

  • Develop new structures of communication that build effective relationships vital to organisational cohesion.

4. Ongoing Support and Development: Train, coach and mentor the implementation team and provide ongoing support as required.

  • Implementation Team involved from the first team workshop.
  • By working with and through the people in the organisation, we develop implementors at every stage.
  • We intend to become redundant as soon as competency in CultureWork is established in the organisation.
  • We are always available to develop the teams further.

Creating The Right Conditions

If creating the right conditions sounds complicated or longwinded, book a call with me to discover simple steps to creating a transformative team environment that meets your needs today and will continue into the future.


What are the long term follow-up provisions for sustainable change?

We embed the skills required for culture work in the people we work with. it becomes the way teams operate and manage the continuous process of change and we are available for onging coaching and support.

What industries can use CultureWork and what is your speciality?

CultureWork empowers teams and teams of teams to operate with autonomy, responsibiliy and within  the constraints of the organisational social contract.  We specialise in working in hospitalituy, tech companies, creative service businesses and community groups.

How can the CultureWork framwork be suitable for my unique business?

I bring a set of foundational tools to your business. CultureWork is the framework within which together, with the people in your organisation, we use those tools to create the unique conditions for your business to thrive.

Is CultureWork a top-down implemenation or does it involve all levels?

CultureWork starts withthe executive, champion or authorised person describing the future they want to create and their conditions of satisfaction. Then I work with the teams that will deliver the outcome - they are empowered to create the conditions and rules not the senior management team.

Does working one team at a time make CuktureWork a slow process?

CultureWork starts slow and the becomes a rapid wave of change in the organisation, matching the need for growth innovation and high performance. It creates a highly innovative and agile culure capable to meeting the business needs because it is designed by your people for your business.

What clear metrics show the impact on team performance?

As part of your CultureWork implementation the team will design the metrics that provide measurements that will influence action within the team and clearly demonstrate how the team performance improves over time.


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