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Creating New Possibilities

In our increasingly disrupted business environment, change, specifically the ability to manage change successfully, is becoming a real competitive advantage. Organisations need to be innovative and create new possibilities.  

We bring new ideas, new thinking and a new approach to successfully managing change in organisations. We work with champions. Champions are the people with a vision, a passion or the drive to see change through. 

Suppose you are driving change through your organisation and are looking for an additional boost of creativity and innovation. In that case, we can deliver talks that engage your people in the possibility of the future you want to create.


Clean Leadership - Discover the power that Clean leadership can deliver to your leadership processes.

CultureWork - Learn how to design the space for all your employees to fully participate and contribute their best.

The Art of Communication - What we say and how we say it is a matter of design and implementation. Learn how to structure communication to have the most significant impact.

These talks are available as keynote talks (45-90 minutes).

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Focus on WHY Ep 389 - Amy Rowlinson 

How well are you navigating the complexities of organisational design and leadership in your business? With forty years of experience spanning corporate and business start-ups in different industry sectors, Adrian Brown focuses on creating transformative conditions within teams. From social contracts in small groups to the broader impact on global challenges, Adrian advocates for fostering a culture of contribution and innovation. In today's perplexing business landscape, helping businesses unlock the secrets to purpose-driven change and how to influence the emergent future, Adrian's insightful people-centred strategies focus on creating conditions for growth.

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BCR Associates Business Breakfast Meeting 

How Clean Leadership can drive better performance and employee engagement in a rapidly changing world.

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Nudge Ideas Festival 

Recording of my keynote at the 2023 Nudge Ideas Festival.

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FinTech Circle Webinar.

Converting Innovation into Profits

Discover the secret to high performing Teams and clear step-by-step Guidelines on how to build businesses to convert innovative ideas into profitable products & services continuously.

CEO Talks


Here are recordings of the main talk and the follow up questions from an event sponsored by Charles Stanley.

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Question 1

How can you scale your culture when you are growing at speed from, say 6 - 600 people?

This is a challenge for so many start-ups and getting it right makes all the difference.

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Question 2

If the leadership sets the values will the employees go on to set the culture?

Culture is the result and you can influence it by setting the conditions.

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Question 3

What advice do you give to organisations to help them adapt to hybrid working?

Hybrid working is less to do with geography and more to do with the conditions you create to make work a worthwhile experience for all.

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Focus on WHY Ep2 - Amy Rowlinson 

In this podcast episode, Amy’s guest is Adrian Brown, who discusses change in today’s world and how to adapt and contribute. Adrian shares his Four-Step Process—Stop—Pause—Breathe—Continue—which can be applied to all aspects of life. Currently, most of Adrian's work is dedicated to his clients reinventing themselves to survive the crisis and be better, faster, and stronger post-pandemic.

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