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Creating Connections

Our work is based in language, so what better way to connect with us is there than through public speaking?

Adrian Brown is available for events in the UK, Europe and farther afield.

Mike McMastr is available for Events in Vancouver and the USA

Creating New Possibilities

If your organisation or your team has the need to create new possibilities, engage your team or overcome obstacles then our work is for you. 

We work with champions who have the authority to change how things are organised and who have the commitment to see changes through to their completed state. If that is you ask us to come and speak to your people.

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Question 1

How can you scale your culture when you are growing at speed from, say 6 - 600 people?

This is a challenge for so many start-ups and getting it right makes all the difference.

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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Question 2

If the leadership sets the values will the employees go on to set the culture?

Culture is the result and you can influence it by setting the conditions.

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Question 3

What advice do you give to organisations to help them adapt to hybrid working?

Hybrid working is less to do with geography and more to do with the conditions you create to make work a worthwhile experience for all.

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