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Creating the conditions for a culture of active participation and contribution to emerge.

The exponential acceleration of technological evolution has outstripped our organisational structures. Our ability to change how we organise work, communications, leadership management, and teams relies on “old” technology developed in the Industrial Revolution.

Drawing from my ten years of experience working in IT across the UK, Europe, and Australia, combined with developing my unique approach to creating transformative and innovative cultures, I bring a unique and state-of-the-art approach to organisational design called Platform Technology.

Platform Technology touches all parts of the organisation, from the board room to the shop floor. It begins by clearly defining the challenges, desired outcomes, recurring obstacles and conditions of satisfaction.

The tech sector is highly competitive and governed by many regulatory bodies. Creating conditions where teams can operate autonomously within a clear and rigorous framework requires a deep understanding of the building blocks of organisational design and how to use them.


Where do we begin?

Creating that Platform Technology to support an innovative and transformative organisation starts with Leadership. Without the authority and buy-in of the executive, starting the transformative journey is pointless and can even be damaging.

Communicating the vision for the future to the entire organisation in a form that inspires and engages the entire workforce is required from which the creation of specific teams can emerge.
Developing new management practices allows the teams to operate within clear parameters aligned with the stated vision and goals guided and influenced by the conditions that management takes responsibility for.

A set of standards or a Social Contract agreed upon by team members, management and the executive provides a powerful tool for continuous staff development and effective administration. As more and more teams are developed in line with the social contract and begin to operate within the structure of the platform technology, innovation and collaboration increase, and the organisational structure continuously adapts to the demands of technological evolution.

Creating alignment

Businesses flourish when people development, strategic intent, ethical standards, and financial goals align with technical advancement. You reduce the technology overhang, empower the implementation of new technology and increase the speed of innovation. I provide you with the tools to provide the level of freedom required without losing the sense of control.

Designing Your Platform

If designing your platform around a common vision seems daunting, book a call with me to discover simple steps to create a dynamic platform that meets your needs today and is your unique platform for the future.


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