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Creating the conditions for success by giving your team the confidence to succeed using the seven building blocks of organisational design.

What makes any organisation unique is the dynamic fusion of the people, their behaviours, their platform, their language, and the overarching vision. And, of course, the products, services, and experiences it sells to its customers. In their unique way, they influence, contribute to, and shape the conditions of the organisation, paving the way for the exciting emergence of a distinct culture that customers recognise and desire.

Change is inevitable. Every leader must understand the nature of organisation design to adapt to future business needs. The way to create a transformative and innovative organisation is by understanding the design elements and how they interact. The seven main elements or building blocks of organisation design are;

Leadership, Vision, Hierarchy of process, Platform technology, Social contract, MIcroTeams™, Guiding principles

I have written three books with my business partner, Michael McMaster: 'The Power of Organisation' and 'The Power of Management,' alongside our newest addition, 'The Power of Clean Leadership.' Dive into these invaluable resources today. 

The Power of Organisation, The Power of Management, The Power of Clean Leadership

Seventy years of experience - one single goal.

With Michael McMaster, I have experienced a vast array of successful change initiatives, from small to large. Our initial collaboration dates back to the late 1980s, and we reunited at this tipping point in business to pioneer a fresh approach to organisational design. The result of our collaboration has been the book series Stories From the Edge, available on Amazon.

When work feels like a worthwhile experience for everyone in the organisation, miracles happen!

Organisations always evolve. Occasionally, they experience rapid shifts that require new levels of thinking. Businesses all over the world have just experienced such a shift. The shift caused by the pandemic, followed by wars and a global financial crisis, has created new opportunities for companies to take advantage of the changes and develop new approaches to organise cultures of innovation. I help you achieve that with urgency by working with and through your people to identify the obstacles and create the conditions for your employees to thrive.  The Natural Law of People can only be supported when the right conditions are in place to support your business's unique requirements.

I would love for you to join our community, Stories From The Edge, to learn from your peers and share your thoughts to bring about a new business revolution where everyone receives just rewards for their contributions.


Stories From The Edge Books
I put salt on stuff, helping business leaders in hospitality, tech, and services create the right conditions for their people to thrive & overcome the challenge of endless change. Think of me as the missing ingredient.

I spent 7 years in the corporate world, 19 years as a business owner and 14 years consulting small and medium-sized businesses. I help leaders create the conditions in their business that enable them to exceed their strategic objectives and deliver extraordinary results.

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Mike provided breakthrough results that exceeded strategic objectives - delivering results way beyond what his clients believed possible.

Clients include BPX (UK), Merck (Europe,Asia), Monsanto (USA), Unilever (Europe, Asia)

Mike passed away in February 20024 and is deeply missed by his family in Vancouver and by me.

Stories From The Edge - The Community

There is always a leading edge; the challenge is to visit it, bring back new knowledge and implement it without falling off.

Never before has there been so much potential and yet so little innovation. We are emerging from the information era and entering the intelligence era, and we need new language of leadership and management to leverage the untapped potential.

This means creating a new balance between freedom and control for a business. This requires:

  • Defining new roles for the Executive, Management and the Workforce.
  • Establishing a new code of Clean Leadership.
  • Creating platforms with minimalist rules from the core to the Edge.

Each book in the series Stories From The Edge builds on the former to create a detailed roadmap to establish the right conditions so that your desired future can become a reality.

The elements that need to change are all influenced by Organisation Design. To get the best results you need to start small, master the process and then replicate it. This series builds into a vital companion for the journey.

The vast majority of consulting interventions fail. Not because of any fault on the part of the executive or management, but because the design of the organisation prevented a successful outcome.

Personal development is vital to develop the individual skills of everyone in the organisation, but that in itself does not transform the organisation.

To achieve true organisational transformation you have to operate at the level of organisation. Not the physical entity, but the organisation of coordinated action that brings about extraordinary results.

This book series explores each element of the design of organisation to help you bring them together in your organisation into a design that serves your vision, purpose and values.

Our community is about bringing people together to collaborate on creating a new business model that is based on people and human values instead of the mechanistic values we have inherited from the industrial revolution.

The future is uncertain; join our community to contribute to a future that works for everyone.

For too long, we have ignored the potential of our collective intelligence. Stories from the Edge is designed to be a community to change that. As we grow, we will create the conditions so that our members can collaborate to create a new people-focused business model that delivers extraordinary results based on the guiding principles of Ethics, Finance, Strategic Intent and the Development of People.

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