The power of Organisation, Management and Clean Leadership.

Bringing Two Minds Together

Effective management stands as the cornerstone of organisational success. Our goal is to enrich the work experience for all individuals. With the recent release of two new additions to our 'Stories from the Edge' series, we are steadfast in our mission.

Explore our latest releases: 'The Power of Organisation' and 'The Power of Management,' alongside our newest addition, 'The Power of Clean Leadership.' Dive into these invaluable resources today. 


The Power of Organisation 

 The Power of Management.

The Power of Clean Leadership

I help leaders achieve strong & sustainable performance & profit gains through Organisational Design

I am a business consultant, coach and mentor. I have spent 7 years in the corporate world, 19 years as a business owner and 14 years consulting small and medium-sized businesses. In March this year, I teamed up with my friend and mentor Michael McMaster to create a new Joint Venture called McMaster& Brown.

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Uniting Perspectives for a Singular Mission

 Introducing McMaster & Brown, a collaborative venture by Michael McMaster and Adrian Brown. With their initial collaboration dating back to the late 1980s, they reunite at this crucial juncture to pioneer a fresh approach to organisational design. It removes the burdens of linear hierarchy and frees individual intelligence to be engaged.

When work feels like a worthwhile experience for everyone in the organisation, miracles happen!

Organisations always evolve. Occasionally, they experience rapid shifts that require new levels of thinking. Businesses all over the world have just experienced such a shift. The shift caused by the pandemic has created new opportunities for companies to take advantage of the changes to develop new approaches to organise a culture of innovation. We help you achieve that with urgency so that your organisation supports The Natural Law of People.

For any endeavour to succeed, the first action must be on the design of the organisation.

To unlock extraordinary outcomes and harness the full potential of your teams, it's essential to eliminate barriers and establish optimal conditions within your business. That's why we're offering a comprehensive 1-hour Business Review Call. During this session, we'll pinpoint obstacles hindering your progress and swiftly devise actionable plans to propel you forward. The call is priced at £97.00."

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