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Design for Growth, Innovation and High Performance

Service Framework for Developing your Platform

Platform Technology provides a robust framework for business leaders to unleash their organisation's creative and innovative forces while keeping a firm grasp on the direction and speed of advancement.

The essential building blocks are Leadership, Vision, Guiding Principles, Hierarchy of process, Platform Design, MIcroTeams™ and the organisational Social Contract. Developing your platform is not linear and can involve different elements at different times. Platform technology is built with language and communication that is relevant and appropriate for your business's growth stage.

Your platform is the source of your business's uniqueness, which is aligned with the characteristics of everyone working there. The most successful platforms are those developed with and through your people, capturing your business's uniqueness.

Developing a business platform is the most effective form of change management. It provides the necessary tools to build a sustainable, transformative business model and meet the ever-increasing challenges businesses face.

It engages all levels in the organisation and aligns their efforts towards a shared vision.

Using the building blocks of organisation design, leaders and managers can ensure their design meets the needs of the business and the people who work in it.  Instead of adopting someone else's design and squeezing into it, you create your business your way. Platform technology provides the foundations for true equality, diversity and inclusion that meet the needs of your business.

Where do we begin?

Platform Technology supports the development of innovative and transformative organisations, starting with Leadership. Without the executive's authority and buy-in, starting the transformative journey is pointless and can even be damaging. Because developing the business platform is not a linear process, how you use the tools depends on your organisation's needs. The only common element is the leadership vision workshop, where everything starts.

Leadership Vision Workshop: Establish Core Criteria – Senior Management team.

  • Answer the question "What would success look like" within the context of the design and performance of the organisation.
  • Formulate the vision to communicate the core objectives and challenges throughout the organisation.

Following the Leadership Vision Workshop, the following elements of platform technology can be applied.

Communicate and Engage: Events will be held to engage the selected workforce and management and begin the selection of initial teams.

  • Engage with the workforce, set objectives, identify obstacles to be overcome and select teams to overcome them.

Management Development: Establish New Relationships and Communication structures between managers and teams and create parameters for managing the conditions.

  • Redefines the role of management away from managing people and develops new approaches focused on managing the environment and the flow of knowledge and information.

Guiding Principles: Establish principles for finance, corporate ethics, strategic intent and the development of people.

  • These will support managers in governing the performance of teams and teams of teams by creating the right conditions and providing the right resources, knowledge, and information for the teams to work effectively.

Hierarchy of Process: Introduce a hierarchy based on competence, knowledge, and information influencing process execution.

  • Natural hierarchies emerge constantly. My approach helps people understand how to work with and use hierarchy effectively.
  • Design hierarchies to speed up processing and decision-making.

MicroTeams™: The smallest units of organisation design. An autonomous group of team members focused on a specific outcome or process.

  • Create specific guidelines and conditions of satisfaction that provide equal measures of freedom and control.
  • Develop management processes focusing on managing the conditions and flow of knowledge and information, not the people.

Social Contract: Every successful business has a well-recognised code of conduct. Today, that code must include guidance on ESG, DEI, and AI.

  • Being a team member means that you have "signed up" to the rules of the game. The social contract defines how the game is played and your business's financial, ethical, strategic, and people constraints.
  • Your business social contract is both imposed and emergent. The framework is defined by those with the authority to do so, and the team members create the content—that way, you get the best of control and freedom.

Platform Design: How your organisation is designed is the source of its uniqueness. The conditions you create determine the culture, performance and, ultimately, the level of success.

  • Platform design is not a static "do once and done" activity. Your platform design will continually emerge, influenced by everything that occurs on your platform.
  • Your platform technology will influence how the marketplace perceives your business, and the market will continuously influence your platform.

Mastering the seven building blocks of organisational design is quick and effective. You will rapidly create a truly transformative team to lead the process throughout your organisation. A continuous state of change and uncertainty will no longer seem threatening but more like the normal way of doing business.

As more teams become proficient in designing the conditions for innovation, growth, and high performance, you will see dramatic positive changes that ripple through the business.


Designing Your Platform

If designing your platform around a common vision seems daunting, book a call with me to discover simple steps to create a dynamic platform that meets your needs today and is your unique platform for the future.


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