What makes people truly happy at work?

What makes people truly happy at work?

People's natural state is happy—we have to remove the obstacles that prevent us from being happy!

You are missing the point if you believe pay, perks, incentives, soft furnishings, football tables, groovy colours, and toys make shiny, happy people.

All those perks have a place, and fair pay is absolutely key, but they are all distractions from the work.

The question is, what makes people happy AT work while working and in the process we call work?

You need to stop for a moment and look at people engaged in their work, that is, people who experience their work as worthwhile. 

My father had a saying, “Make your work your hobby, and every day is a holiday.” Just dwell on that saying for a moment.

People do hobbies because they are passionate about the topic, activity, or subject matter. They collaborate with other like-minded people and readily share their knowledge and expertise. They engage with other people use their...

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