Build Your Marketing Foundations

Marketing is so much more than promotions, Facebook or Google ads, blogs and podcasts.  All of those are great marketing tools, but before you rush off wasting your time and money on the next 9(or your first) campaign are you sure you have the right customer intelligence?

This short course will set your marketing tactics off in the right direction and help you attract and convert more of the right customers for your unique business.

Here’s what you get.

This course helps you build the right marketing foundations so that you can create great content for all aspects of your marketing and design the ideal customer journey.

You will get clarity on your niche and your customer's wants and needs.

You will discover how to identify your customer's pain points and the complaints they have so that you can create great marketing copy.

You will learn how to build your offer so that it delivers the solution your customers are seeking.

You will learn how to craft your story to engage and convert your potential customers

You will learn how to design the customer journey to take complete strangers to become your new raving fans

Price £197.00 Inc VAT


Start Building your Customer Intelligence TODAY

Attract & Convert the Right Customers

How to massively increase the numbers of customers you attract and convert.

In this six-part online course you will:

Identify and clarify your market NICHE.

Discover what your customers want and need.

Understand their pain points and complaints.

Create a clear positioning message.

Learn to tell a compelling story.

Design the perfect customer journey.

Price £197 Inc VAT

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Creating Sales in 2021


Everybody has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. And my mission is to help and many people as possible to grow and scale their business in 2021.

The biggest change has been to the working and living environment. Every one of your customers has had to adapt during Lockdown 1.0 and Lockdown 2.0...and it is going to continue until we have some certainty and confidence that we can live without the restrictions.

So what can you do to help your business thrive?

You customers may be worn out, fed-up, frustrated and demoralised. Some might be excited, enthusiastic, motivated and eager.

Either way, you need to focus on three things.

  • Your connection with your customers.
  • Your business foundations (especially marketing foundations).
  • The right opportunities for you and your business.

In times of plenty, we can make do with vague messages, poorly constructed marketing, rough and ready processes and chasing every opportunity that comes our way and believe that we have a good business.

We have learned that without robust systems and processes, clear messages, polished marketing activities and strong connections with our customers, we miss opportunities and have struggled to make headway.

You have survived the last 9 months, but that is no guarantee that you will survive the next year, so now is the time to get ready for another challenging year.

Get your marketing foundations in place now. Improve your Customer Intelligence and discover how best you can serve your customers and increase your business performance.

If you want to build a business that works for you in 2021, start now.

We will return to a more predictable & certain time, but we won't get suckered into believing that normal is guaranteed. We've learned that lesson.

What every business needs is a clear plan of what they want to achieve and what their business will look like when it is working just the way they want it to.  Now is your chance to make that happen.

Attract and Convert the Right Customers will help you develop the right methodology that you can use again and again to connect with your customers, cope with change, and make sure your working environment supports you and your team in making progress towards your vision. Join me on the course today and get set for a stronger, better and bigger 2021. 

Price £197.00 Inc VAT

Start Building Strong Marketing Foundations Today