The Amazing Brain Dump Exercise

Get Clarity and Focus for Your Important Work Ahead

  1. A powerful, yet simple tool to turn confusion and overwhelm into focused action!
  • Get clarity on the important tasks
  • Identify the tasks others can do for you
  • Throw away the redundant and unnecessary tasks
  • Create headspace for new thinking

Only £29.97  £13.97 until 23:59 December 31st 2022


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Get Clarity

Identify and organise all of the ideas in your head so that you can see the wood from the trees.

Get Focused

Select the tasks that only you can do or you can do the best and identify  the redundant ones

Take Action

Prioritise your tasks identify what you can delegate to your team and get into action

The Amazing Brain Dump Exercise

A quick Path to Clarity and Focus

Begin Your Brain Dump Today

The Perfect way To Get Some Headspace & Clarity 

When you have too many things to think about when you are so overwhelmed you don't know which task to handle next when even the smallest problems seem to bite you in the ass, it is Time to STOP, PAUSE, BREATHE and then CONTINUE.

Sounds simple and it is. It is also something that we keep putting off - often until something really bad happens and we "take stock".

This is the process I use on a monthly basis, or before a new project starts. It helps me focus on what I have to do, what I can delegate (and who to). I get to identify all of the tasks that have been dumped on me, I did not say "no" to and the ones that I will never get around to and then deal with them appropriately.


If after you have done the Brain Dump Exercise you feel no more clarity, or you feel just as overwhelmed email me and I will refund you your money. If it does not work I don't charge for it!

ONLY £29.97 £13.97 until 23.59 December 31st 2022

Begin Your Brain Dump Today