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A New Approach Based on New Thinking

Historically, few, very few, organizational change efforts last. Even with the best intentions, such efforts fail to achieve sustainability.  Why is this?  We assert that it's due to the failure of the organizational structure - not the people.  What is missing is an understanding of what it takes to sustain something which has no history to draw from. So, to make your powerful vision sustainable, you need a new approach.

We are Entering a New Era in the World of Organisation Design

For every new technology that is developed, a new language emerges and with it, a new way of thinking is required. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, new thinking and new technologies have repeatedly emerged that have made much of the technology and language we had already become familiar with at that time, obsolete. The new technology required today is a new technology of Leadership & Management.

Creating the conditions for a new way of working.

It requires a champion to set about creating the conditions for a new culture to emerge that will support the changes required to succeed.

Everything starts with the birth of a champion, that person for whom doing nothing no longer serves their life’s purpose. For most human beings, our life’s purpose is a poorly defined element. Yet, at any time, it is the collaboration of personal purpose, the purpose of one’s role and the purpose of the organisation we work for that stimulates us to take a stand. When these are all aligned, individuals have a sense of true purpose, because everything is pulling in the same direction.

Together Michael McMaster and Adrian Brown have over 70 years of business experience both in running organisations and consulting to them. They have seen the challenges of changing organisations close up and succeed where others have failed. Their success is based on a truly innovative and well-tested approach. 

In our new book, the first of a series for Bite-Sized Books, we will give you the tools that you need to be the champion of your business and succeed with the changes you want to make for your organisation.

If you want to make a start at changing the conditions in your organisation so that a new desired culture can emerge, then our new book will give you a framework that works for small organisations up to large ones. New beginnings need new thinking, behaviour and action. Register your interest below.

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