Get Clear About Your Direction & Generate the Momentum to Achieve It! 

  • Identify the specific obstacles holding you back.

  • Create simple steps to overcome the challenges.

  • Get into action to get results & drive your business forward, and regain your momentum. 


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This call is for you if:

  • Your turnover has reached 5 or 6 figures or above; or
  • You employ more that 20 people or plan to in the near future; or
  • You are a large organisation and you want more innovation; or
  • You have a clear vision and struggle to get people involved; or
  • You are looking for the answer but don't know the question YET.

Antonio - Business Owner

"The emotional impact of our work together increased my self-confidence and clarity that led to a 4X increase in  my event turnover  in 4 years."

Andrew - Business Owner

"I got the clarity of purpose, stopped pitching to the wrong people, started charging the right amount of money and decided to get serious and focus on what I needed to grow my business."

Tony - Business Owner

"I was swanning around in all directions and the call gave me the focus that was missing - it was just what I needed at the time."

Adrian Brown

Every Discovery call is designed to help you discover the path that will get you to the results you desire. My name is Adrian Brown and together we will identify the obstacles and challenges in your path. We can then plan the key steps that will help you make rapid & effective progress.

Discovery - the start of everything.

If you want to grow big and fast you need to start small and slow. Momentum comes from successful steps and lessons learned. The Power of your Organisation can only be unleashed when you understand and remove the obstacles in your path. Let's discover those first.

Relationship with Your Business

To make effective changes you must understand the relationship you have currently with your business and your people. Then you need to change your relationships to address the challenges ahead. We must create equitable working conditions that encourage everyone to participate fully and choose to contribute their best.

A New Design for a New Era

The organisation design is unique for every business. We have inherited the command and control hierarchical structure from the industrial revolution and it is no longer fit for purpose. So what's next? As you discover the obstacles and challenges you face, a new design will emerge that creates the conditions to make work a worthwhile experience for all.

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"It was time for me - to focus and talk about what I needed to do - I got clarity, momentum and took action."

Sarah S - Business Owner

When you have an organisation design that meets the needs of your business...

Your people are free to truly express themselves and produce extraordinary results.

Management focuses on managing the flow of information and knowledge enabling them to make their best contribution to the organisation.

Your business gets to make the impact that you want it to in the world and the Return On Invested Capital increases rapidly.

Everyone in the organisation feels their work to be a WORTHWHILE experience and they want to participate fully.

Teams are free to produce extraordinary outcomes and work within teams of teams increasing innovation and performance.

I can help you identify the simple steps you could take to move your business forward faster towards your vision.

There are limited places available, so please click the link below, complete the short questionnaire and I will see you on the Discovery call.

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